Terms and Conditions

Term and Conditions
All the references, opinion or anything related to Topper Software, TopperSoftware.com, and toppersoftware.com website its owners related companies.
All about this website or on this website, which is you are watching, using services, downloading that totally are their owners. And there also an official download link, We do not encourage misuse of these Software’s on this site. We have no guarantee or warranty of use of services, time, licenses or information about products available “AS IS “, This site provide generally download link and own opinion related to software and also this site is not an associated with any software, we have just given a download link, and by which people are downloading, We understand that you are agreeing about terms and conditions
We do not take responsibility of any software, downloading link, term of use, or if any faults.
If you found any correction or any disturbance or illegal, or you are a publisher of that software and software title, logo, software property or any etc. then please leave a message or mail or contact us by this link…… with you and your software full detail – name, company, contact number, job work, title with the reason to removal of software. We will take action in 48 hours or as possible.
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